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The Lunch that Kicked my Butt

Recently, I was out with a group of people for a very non-descript, standard meeting over lunch. Or, so I thought. Much to my surprise, it ended up being an occasion that I expect I’ll remember for a long time. As our group settled into the space at the table, our... read more

Re-imagining Work

So what is work anyways? I turned 50 last month and I have committed myself to a question that will guide the rest of my life. It’s a big claim to make. And yet, it rings true. The question is: What is work? This may seem basic, irrelevant or even nonsensical. It is... read more

What Do You Care About?

I remember the when I first heard that question in a Foundations workshop from Bob Dunham at the Institute for Generative Leadership.  I had an immediate, almost trained response, family, health, financial security, etc.

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